Episode 04- Authority and Aart

Episode 04- Authority and Aart

This episode we will cover a little on the technicalities of living and working in Denmark including residence permits, social security numbers (CPR Number), mobile numbers and bank accounts, before we give a little snapshot on Aart Architect’s offices in Aarhus.

Denmark has really strict procedures when it comes to living and working permits…

Yeah, like, REALLY strict!

As a foreigner there are really three main ways that you can live here: 1. As an EU citizen (Marty is here on a UK passport), 2. If you have an employment contract in place, and 3. As a student.

Good thing we got in before Brexit!!

As an EU citizen, you still need to register at the state administration upon arrival to receive your CPR Number (social security number) and yellow card, for which you need to have an address, proof of sufficient money to support yourself etc. This application takes a few weeks and then you can begin working.

If you are not an EU citizen, it is much harder unless you have an employment contract or you are entering the country as a student. Alina is here on an Aussie passport, and is applying to enter as a ‘partner to EU citizen’, which could take up to SIX MONTHS for her approval.

In Denmark everything requires that magic 10-digit CPR number. You can’t open a bank account, get a mobile phone contract or enrol in Danish language courses without it, so it is crucial to get one ASAP. The only exception is to get a sim card through ‘Lyca mobile’ (you can get one upon arrival in the airport), and although they have good prices with lots of data, they don’t allow calls or texts to overseas numbers, hot spotting or sending of MMS’.

What, no emojis?! Ahh frowny face!


OK, enough of the dry stuff. Let’s tell these guys a little about the offices of Aart Arkitekter in Aarhus. During our day trip to Aarhus we stumbled across the offices of Aart, and although we hadn’t anticipated to stop by, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to pop in and have a look around. Fortunately they were very accommodating and we got the full tour! See photos of their office space in the images below.

Aart are a very well respected award winning architecture firm in Scandinavia with offices in Oslo, Copenhagen and the head office in Aarhus. The office handles large-scale projects including multi-residential, commercial, civic, education and almost anything else you can think of (including industrial design). They have recently won a series of awards for ‘Musholm’ muscular dystrophy sports and holiday resort (it’s so Danish… so beautiful!), which you can find on their website.

Aart occupy the top floor of a newly built building in the docks of Aarhus- a newly developed area containing a plethora of exciting architecture! Aart have designed the building they occupy themselves; so have been able to customise their space accordingly. Their website states that:

“We’ve designed our new environment ourselves, so it perfectly matches and sets the course for our work as a cutting-edge architectural consultancy.”

The office utilises a fairly industrial look with grey rendered walls and exposed ceiling services, offset by warm plywood joinery and meeting rooms. Our favourite feature was the exposed formwork finish to the concrete lift core in the centre of the building.

Although the staff in the Aarhus office are currently all Scandinavian, we were told that they have previously hired non-Danish speaking architects, including Australians!

If you are interested to check them out, you can go to their website at:


Stay tuned to find out a little more about the architecture scene and profession in Denmark in our next post!

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