Episode 01- Don't get too comfortable

Episode 01- Don't get too comfortable

Hey Alina, did you hear about the two architects from Sydney who quit their jobs and moved to Denmark?

No. What happened to them?

They started a blog…


So… who are we? What are we doing? And why not get too comfortable? For those of you who don’t already know us, let me first introduce you to my beautiful girlfriend and blogger in crime, Alina. She’s Armenian, a registered architect in Sydney and was born and raised in Tehran (Iran). Alina and I met while studying our Master of Architecture degree at the University of Sydney and she has been working at HASSELL since graduating.

And this is Martin (or just Marty)- also a registered architect in Sydney; Australian born and is well travelled! Marty has been working at Fulton Trotter Architects for the past 3.5 years and has recently begun experimenting with aerial drone photography. Check out his instagram (@archi.drone) and stay tuned to see more of his exploits!

On the side of our full-time jobs, Marty and I have also been tutoring at USyd and UTS in Sydney, entering design competitions and taking on small private jobs. It’s fair to say that we like to stay busy!

I think that takes care of the first question, so… what are we doing? For years we have been talking about moving overseas to work. The lure of adventure, the hunger for cultural emersion, the yearning for learning… (Poetry I know!) The problem was that our jobs were going well, we were both moving upwards in our careers and things were starting to get comfortable… too comfortable. So, we decided to take on a mortgage, buy a flat in Sydney, quit our jobs and hope for the best (sometimes you just gotta’ ignore that financial advice!). After whittling down a list of potential locations we decided on Copenhagen- the land of Architecture & design, timber, Vikings and herring!

Herring… ugh!

They say that everything worth doing is hard. Comfort is the enemy of ambition. We have taken this leap of faith because we believe that we can better ourselves personally, professionally, spiritually. We hope that our gamble will pay off, and we hope that you will join us on this adventure.

Stay tuned for our weekly posts, and feel free to email us any questions, requests or words of wisdom- just send your message through the ‘contact us’ tab above.

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